Kelsey. 21. Criminal Justice student. Married to my high school sweetheart, who is in the U.S Army. We are surviving our first deployment. Currently living in Pennsylvania. Happy to make new friends :)
Instagram: kelseyymcdonough
Anonymous asked: When did you find out the exact date of your husband's homecoming?


About 4 days before!

Anonymous asked: What happened??


With what..

Cyrus got dressed by himself today, so he’s making progress.
Thank god, since I go back to work Tuesday.

I have never seen cyrus cry from pain before. It’s breaking my heart.

Husband makes it a whole deployment without injury. . Comes home gets stabbed in the leg.

Anonymous asked: Then why/how is he looking for a job?


Because he is a reservist….

Anonymous asked: Is Cyrus about to get out of the Army?


No. He still has 5 years.

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