Kelsey. 21. Criminal Justice student. Married to my high school sweetheart, who is in the U.S Army. We are surviving our first deployment. Currently living in Pennsylvania. Happy to make new friends :)
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Realizing I haven’t been on in forever.

So I guess I’ll do an update on life

Cyrus and I are as good as ever, though life has thrown us some curve balls in the last couple weeks. His car blew up and I got into an accident and totaled mine. I loved my car. As he did his so this is actually rather tragic. I no longer have a car, but my parents have been nice enough to let me use one of theirs until I’m able to afford my own again. Cyrus paid 500 for an Oldsmobile. Basically we are just getting by. I’ve been applying for full time jobs, and though I’ve had interviews, nothing is worth me leaving my current job. Cyrus’ job is shit and he gets treated so unfairly but it pays more than mine so hey.
Other than that, I’m now going to school online so I have more time to work.
Oh and next week will be 4 years since Cyrus asked me to be his girlfriend. 😮 crazy. Time flies.
Hope everyone else is doing good. :)

Perks of online college:

• Attending class naked.

So I finally started my full sleeve yesterday, after wanting it for years. Its crazy that the people who treated me with respect 2 days ago now turn up their noses at me. including my family. How does a tattoo make me a different person?

Its not ok to judge someone based on their sexual preference, color, age, class or religion (etc), yet the people who preach that shit are the first to judge someone who choses to display art on their body.

I stand by my decisions and I love my tattoos.

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